How to stay fit and healthy at home during the lockdown and get physically and mentally ready for your next surf trip.

I hope you are all safe and well, in these strange times. Let’s use this time to work on the best version of ourselves and to gain some normality back into our lives. Just before the weekend arrives, here we go with some great at home workouts to stay active, release boredom during the lockdown and get high on endorphins.

I have asked female Pro Surfers, Surf Fitness Coaches and a Yoga and Meditation Teacher around the world to share their tips with us! I can’t wait to introduce them to you.

Imogen Caldwell – Australia – Quick HIT workout

One of my favorite female surfers I am following is Imogen Caldwell. I cannot believe, how bold her surfing is. She is surfing the craziest waves you can imagine. She was so kind to allow me to share her killer workout with you as well.

If you want to see more of her, follow Imogen on instagram and check out the account on Youtube “Good times down under” where she is sharing her adventures in western Australia. Try out her workout to get sweaty in a very short amount of time. The full workout includes, 45 seconds of each exercise with 15 seconds off in between. Repeat. 3 rounds all together.

Imogen Caldwell Homeworkout

Tehillah McGuiness – Fuerteventura & Cornwall – Full Body Workout

Tehillah is a Surf and Fitness Coach and passionate Surfergirl. She is holding beautiful retreats in both her homes in Cornwall and Fuerteventura. Two places I can only recommend if you haven’t been. I met Tehillah when I was on one of my first surftrips in Fuerteventura, learning to surf years ago and we never lost sight of each other. She has such a beaming passion for surfing and sharing the stoke with her students.

Tehillah McGuiness by Max Riton, Corralejo.

I am happy to share her 20 Minute Full Body Workout with you here – a perfect combination to move your whole body and get that sweat on. I can tell you – you will feel good after this one! Don’t forget to check out her Youtube and Instagram for further workouts. She’s busy filming new stuff for us all these days.

You can read more about Tehillas coaching and surf holidays on Ohana Surf and Fitness.

Alyssa Miller – California – Core & Upper Body Workout

The lovely Alyssa Miller is a certified women’s health & fitness trainer that specializes in weights & pilates. The surfer, entrepreneur, and lover of the outdoors is living in sunny California.

She has put together some quarantine excerices you can easily do at home with little equipment.Try each of these exercises 3 times over for 30 – 45 seconds each. You will need a mat and some weights. If you don’t have weights, take some water bottles or cans. The overall focus is to maximize performance in the water by strengthening the core & upper body for balance and paddle power. 

Exercise #1 Bridged flies using 5lbs as weights

Your hips are raised and glutes are squeezed, belly is drawn in and elbow stays slightly bent while performing a “fly”.

Exercise #2 – Reverse fly in table top

Opposite leg is extended while upper body performs a “fly” elbow stays slightly bent.

Exercise #3: Lower abdominal crunches

Press your hands into the mat by the hips and raise the glutes overhead. This exercise is most effective when performed very slow.

Exercise #4 Frog Hops

Start in plank position and hop up to hands and back.

I for sure had a blast, trying these workouts. I will be as fit as never before after this lockdown. Let me know your feedback on those workouts on and hit me up if you have some great inputs to share!

This was it for the weekend – stay tuned for more to come next week with Elise Carver – Surf Trainer and Founder of Surf Style Training Online. She has prepared part two of the series for you! With a focus on perfectioning your surf skills. If you cannot wait till next week, check our her page already now. Find out more about her surf style training.

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