The face behind the SurfGirlsClub

I am happy you found your way to the Surf Girls Club page. This is a project I started to share my passion for nature and surfing and to connect with like minded surfers around the planet.

Born and raised in Switzerland close to the lake and surrounded by mountains I grew up loving the nature. After working in fashion for several years, and running the blog for 7 years, I decided to dedicate more time to a passion that I started to grow a few years ago and which allowed me a personal development.

My wish is to share experiences about learning to surf, my personal favorites in terms of travel destinations, everything that makes me happy about surfing and to grow a community where we can have a lively and lovely exchange. After surfing for several years with many ups and some downs I am going to write about what I personally learned on my journey. My goal is to share my experiences, hear about yours and learn from each other. I am at an intermediate level and can share tips on a personal base  – so whoever has professional inputs, I am more than happy to work with you on an article for my readers to create an added value.

The page is for everyone who loves surfing and nature (and not only for female surfers of course!) Just to make landlocked time a bit more fun.

Please reach out with any feedback, comments or just to say Hi.



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